One Asia Breastfeeding Partners Forum-9
Luang Prabang, Lao PDR, 28-30 October, 2013
Theme : Maternal and Infant and Young Child Feeding and Nutrition

Brief Report

Luang Prabang Call to Action


Day 1

Sub-theme: Food Politics, Sovereignty, and Conflict of Interest

Opening Ceremony/Inaugural Speechs


Plenary 1: Global Food Politics- – what price child health?
Patti Rundall IBFAN/ Baby Milk Action

Sub regional landscape on MIYCN

SEA Countries/Presenters

SA Countries Presenters

    • Bangladesh – Dr. SK Roy/Khurshid Jahan
    • Nepal- Dr.Prakash Shrestha
    • Sri Lanka- Wimala Ranatunga
    • India- Dr.Shoba Suri
    • Maldives- Dr.Mohammad Saeed

EA Countries/Presenters

Plenary 2: Perspectives on Stunting in Children-Market sneaking in?
Dr.J.P. Dadhich,India

Panel Discussion: Breastfeeding as a human right

Day 2

Sub-theme: World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBTi) and beyond

Sub Regional Presentations on WBTi

SEA Countries Presentation

    • Thailand - Dr. Yupayong Hangchaovanich – Community Breastfeeding Support
    • Vietnam - Dr. Quan Le Nga - Maternity Protection
    • Indonesia - Faradibha Tenrilemba - Mother Support
    • Philippines - Velvet Roxas – Milk Code & Emergency
    • Timor Leste – Angelina Fernandes-Complementary Feeding
    • Malaysia - Norjinah Moin – BFHI
    • Lao PDR - Dr. Khamseng Philavong -Exclusive Breastfeeding and Continued Breastfeeding and Beyond

SA Countries Presentation

    • Afghanistan- Dr.Homayoun Ludin-Infant Feeding during Emergencies
    • Bangladesh – Dr. SK Roy/Khurshid Jahan- Mother Support & Community Outreach
    • India-Dr. Shoba Suri- National Policy, Programme & Coordination
    • Sri Lanka- Wimala Ranatunga-Implementation of International Code
    • Bhutan – Mr. Ugyen Dendup -Health and Nutrition Care System
    • Nepal- Dr.Prakash Shrestha-BFHI

EA Countries Presentation

    • Taiwan – Chwang Leh-chii – Infant feeding and Emergencies
    • Hong Kong SAR –Lai Sheung Ip - BFHI
    • China – Shuyi Zhang/Aihua Liu – International Code
    • North Korea - Jaiok Kim - Monitoring and Evaluation
    • South Korea - Vokyung Song - Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Mongolia – Dr. Bayasgalantai– Policy and Programme

Beyond International Code

Newer tactics to advertise and promote infant milk substitutes and infant foods Baby foods
Patti Rundall, UK


Day 3

Sub-theme: Future Plans

  • Blame the Mom Syndrome
    Dr. Roesli Uttami Senior Pediatrician & Lactation Consultant, Indonesia (interactive presentation with Nia Umar, AIMI Indonesia)

Current controversies in child malnutrition

Lancet series on maternal and child nutrition (2013)
Dr. SK Roy, Bangladesh

Cochrane review (2013) on management of SAM/MAM
Dr. Prakash Shrestha Nepal

Group Discussion on future plans for Action based Presentation